Inoue Takina

井ノ上 たきな

Padoru version of Inoue Takina in Lycoris Recoil, you can find more Padoru versions of Inoue Takina here. - Free download

Lycoris Recoil


Lycoris Recoil (Japanese: リコリス・リコイル, Hepburn: Rikorisu Rikoiru) is a Japanese original anime television series created by Spider Lily and Asaura. It is produced by A-1 Pictures and aired from July 2 to September 24, 2022. A manga adaptation by Yasunori Bizen began serialization in Media Factory's manga magazine Monthly Comic Flapper on September 5, 2022, and a spin-off light novel, titled Lycoris Recoil: Ordinary Days by Asaura was published under ASCII Media Works' Dengeki Bunko on September 9, 2022. A stage play adaptation of the series will be performed from January 2023.

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