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Girls' Frontline


Girls' Frontline (simplified Chinese: 少女前线; traditional Chinese: 少女前線; pinyin: Shàonǚ Qiánxiàn) is a mobile strategy role-playing game for Android and iOS developed by China-based studio MICA Team, where players control echelons of android characters, known in-universe as T-Dolls, each carrying a distinctive real-world firearm. The game was released in Mainland China on 20 May 2016, in Hong Kong and Taiwan on 18 January 2017, and in South Korea on 30 June 2017. The global English version was released on 8 May 2018, while the Japanese version was released on 1 August 2018 under the title Dolls Frontline (ドールズフロントライン) due to the Girls' Frontline trademark in Japan already being held by another registrant.Girls' Frontline is a prequel of another game developed by MICA Team, Codename: Bakery Girl, released in 2013. Two television anime series based on Girls' Frontline have been produced, and an official manga is serialised monthly. A new anime television series by Asahi Production aired from January to March 2022.

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